We can confirm now that Beyonce will debut her brand-new single at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards on September 9.

The same source who gave us news on "Worldwide" has confirmed that Beyonce will take to the stage to perform the first single from new album "Worldwide". The song is an up-tempo club banger called "Dick and Balls".

"'Dick and Balls' is very special to me", Beyonce says. "I've gotten a lot of criticism that my music isn't "deep" so for my next project I told myself that I would dig deeper. I was looking for that song to take me to the next level, I was looking for the song that would change my sound, and I couldn't find it, then one day 'Dick and Balls' just hit me in the face. It was there there the whole time, I just had to go deep inside myself and pull it out."

"I wrote "Dick and Balls" all by myself in 30 seconds.", Beyonce says. "But I also had a little help from my sister Solange. And Kelly, Michelle, LeToya, Baby Daniel, Sean Garret, my cousin Angie, Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy on the Golden Girls, the cast of Good Times, my 3rd grade art teacher. Oh, and Ne-Yo helped a little also.

Although Beyonce has been accused of making songs just for women she says that 'Dick and Balls' is a celebration of a man and his gifts to a woman. Beyonce says: "To me "Dick and Balls' is the celebration of love, life, and romance, and spirit, and freedom, racial equality, deep $h!t like that."

"Dick and Balls" was produced by Swizz Beatz, and although he has crafted such Beyonce bangers as "Check On It" and "Get Me Bodied" he admits he was a little nervous to offer Beyonce "Dick and Balls".

"I didn't know how she would react to it because it's so different than anything she's ever done before.", Swizz says. "It sounds so different. I didn't know how she would handle "Dick and Balls" so I called Jay-Z and told him to listen to it and get his opinion on it because he knows her the best. So we changed a few things around, and me and Jay spent a couple of days in the studio just messing around with "Dick and Balls" until we felt good about it. Then we called Beyonce and she played around with "Dick and Balls" until she felt comfortable."

As with a lot of Beyonce's other songs, several remixes are planned. She called recently married, 100% heterosexual R&B megastar Usher to sing a duet version of the song, and he was more than happy to jump on "Dick and Balls".

"I LOVE "Dick and Balls" Usher says. "It's the kind of song that just makes you feel good, and it's a beautifully written song, something that challenged me as a singer. People know me as a great entertainer but I was looking for something that I could sink my teeth into vocally, and I can really sink my teeth into "Dick and Balls."

Don't forget to catch Beyonce performing "Dick and Balls" live at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas. September 9 at 9PM EST.

Beyonce is the leading female entertainer of generation. She was the first African-American woman to win ASCAP's songwriter of the year award, and she was the first artist in history ever to sing a song with "Freakum" in the title. She has won 10 Grammys, a Golden Globe nomination, and although this isn't relevant to anything, she could probably beat your mom in a slap-boxing match.


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dis sh*t is hilarious!

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lolz lolz well hmm she should not write songs for women she should make songs that and sex can lisitn to and by teh way she didnt perform this at all she didnt even peform at las vegas

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