New Phones Coming

Beyonce's B'Phone has inspired a host of other female artists to release their phones. Before you run out spend your money, I did a little comparision to find which phone is the best.

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Castro said...


Anonymous said...

lmao i missed u so much!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love THIS!!!

Anonymous said...

haahhahahahahahahahahaha Im a Beyonce stan- and this is so classic!

FireBrand said...


kaykay said...

this is all way too funny

Infamousentity said...

CLASSIC....I'm still laughing

Serious said...

you crack me up w/ this stuff man

Anonymous said...

you should do another one of these

The Christina Milian Phone

PROS: Cute .

CONS: Never really had any success
Nice packaging which appeal to young men , but would they be willing to pay for it , when they can see it for free in their favorite magasines .

The Brandy phone

PROS : Used to be one of the most successful phone in the 90's , Completely obsolete now !

CONS : Outdated !

The Cassie phone

PROS : Really nice design , But we wont let that distract us from the fact that you can't hear sh*t !

CONS : You'd have to be really young and dumb to be fooled by the cassie phone , it's a fraud !!

Freakum said...

I love looking at these older posts they are hilarious...Still laughing.