If I Were A Blogger...

I really don't consider myself a "blogger" per se. I don't get paid for it. Haven't met that many famous people. Don't get any sex, or free clothes out of this. But if I were a blogger what would separate me from the rest is the fact that I will openly admit that I lurk on BeyonceWorld... well apprently they are tired of you (that's right YOU) bloggers taking pictures and information that they copied WITHOUT giving them credit. I'm pasting a post made today at BeyonceWorld. They copy and paste my shit all the time so I hope they don't mind me copying this letter.

Here is the letter typed by "goldeneyez1".

(The views and opinions of this letter do not represent the views and opinions of WigCrypt and blog and blogger names have been removed)



How do you claim to have "exclusive" content, yet all you do is come on Beyonce's fanboard and take articles that other members researched. This thread is to call all of you out. You make it seem like you thought of these original ideas, when you take the same thread topic and turn it into an exlusive [sic] "blog post" of your own. It's ridiculous. You do it to get hits, yet you are stealing ideas from the people who are real fans. Stop being lazy and trying to pass off this work as your own. On top of that, stop acting like you are throwing shade and acting like you aren't a big fan, when you know dern well you take your information from her number one fan site. Get real, and get a life, and a REAL CAREER. Blogging could be that path for you, yet you are a thief and unoriginal. On top of that, you even take pictures that members go out of the way to get themselves. While you are sitting on your fat, ugly, bad weave and skin having behinds, just plucking all of this info from her fan site. You need to post disclaimers under your content that says "I WAS LURKING ON BEYONCE'S FAN SITE TO GET THIS INFORMATION" so you can be exposed for the fake people that you are. At least have the deceny [sic] and smarts to find the information on your own.

No you wait until we post it, then you are about three days late with the information after we posted it. Here are examples.

--The (BLOG NAME) Tracklisting-(Posted here first then the blogs ran it)
--Beyonce's album covers (here first)
--If I Were a Boy Single (here first before other black blogs ran it)
--Single Ladies video (played on yahoo first, and then posted on bwboard)
--Beyone's photoshoot (on the board first before being placed on blogs)
--A Recent fans pic with Beyonce after 106 (bwboard exlusive stolen by a troll faced blogger)
--Cadillac Records pics (of course on other sites, but on here before a lot of other black blogs got it)

I can go on and on, and I'm sure other members can add more to this list. But this is just unacceptable and plain foolish. Why throw shade to Beyonce sometimes on your blogs when you come to her number one fansite to get your information. Not to mention a lot of Beyonce pictures they put up are credited to Beyonceworld.net. They go actively searching for her, and then "roll their eyes", because Beyonce is "everywhere". Attention bloggers. You Make her appear everywhere, as you keep appearing on her fansite. Become more original, stop stealing your information, stealing pictures, without giving credit for what sparked your idea for your topics. It's starting to get out of hand, and I believe it is a big joke. From now on you will be called out for your dumb tactics. This includes (BLOGGER NAME), (BLOGGER NAME), (SEA CREATURE FROM ATLANTA), etc. All of you who steal from this board and try to pass it off as your own work step your game up, because this blogging "career" won't last you forever. Especially at the heartless and tactless rate that you're going.

-Golden (and other pissed off bwboard members)


Well I have mixed feelings about this.

On one hand blogs=free publicity for Queen Creole. However I know how irritating it is to work hard on something and have someone just rip you off. (Let me say it again for the people in the back of the church)


I have always been bothered by the fact that some bloggers go out of there way to throw grease (do people still say grease?) on Beyonce every chance they get, but have had active memberships on BeyonceWorld since Crazy In Love came out.

On the other hand it IS the internet, and it's hard to prove the source of certain things. I think photographers (even the ones with chimps swinging in their family tree) should be compensated or credited when their photos are used. But things are used over and over and in so many places it's hard to do that, and some people don't feel like they should credit people for the things they take.

And there are some outright lies that BeyonceWorld started that bloggers picked up that I would NOT take credit for (Virtuoso Intellect? Beyonce and Usher's BET Awards performance?)

I'm not sure how I feel about this...

What do you think?

While you think about it please enjoy the mellow sounds of Jimmy Early:


Q, Truly said...

i can't express how entertaining your blog is to me

you would probably be an incredible fiction writer. you're very vivid & descriptive with your imagery...you make the reader feel like he's right there in the story

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Beyonceworld getting right up in Sandra Roses Ass.


Vice President of Wig Shampooing and Grammy Polishing said...

Q, Truly said...
i can't express how entertaining your blog is to me

you would probably be an incredible fiction writer. you're very vivid & descriptive with your imagery...you make the reader feel like he's right there in the story

October 22, 2008 5:35 PM

Thank you sir... I sincerely appreciate it. I'm reading your blog now...LOL!

M.J. said...

Y SO SRS, Goldeneyez?

LaTavia's Cousin's BFF said...

My 2cents...ok maybe 10 cents:

I get their frustration...however, the internet has been this way for a while and it happens to the best. This is not a special case at all. Like, Ok so you posted some shit on a forum and it ended up on a blog....ummm if you want something to be private or exclusive, how about not posting it on the internet in a public place? or maybe tag it? This whole "I did it first!" thing is lame. I wish we could all be 5 years old again, but we can't, so cut that shit out.

In other words, BeyonceWorld needs to calm down and put a ring on it.

Anonymous said...

Latavia's bff, I get what you are saying, but I think the frustration is more with the bloggers stealing the information, but then acting like they are soooo disgusted by Beyonce. Then why go to the trouble of creating an account, copying and pasting the information on your blog, and then do a write up about how much attention Beyonce seeks. I just think the whole idea is lame. If someone is soooo overrated, soooo lame, etc, etc, then why post about that person on your blog? It's all about getting hits and any story that can be concocted about Beyonce will get them just that. Just my thoughts.

Anonomoose said...

I don't agree with BW. This IS the internet. Whatever you post here, you must know will be impossible to control afterwards. Example: Michelle's album. That shit leaked faster than SR after she got her prostate fixed.

Anonymous said...

Michelle's album. That shit leaked faster than SR after she got her prostate fixed.


Jesus! Not a Sea Creature From ATLANTA! Monica gon get yall!

srewolf said...

brandy's album pushed back...
ciara's album pushed back....
who's next?

damn, beyonceitis is already spreading like mad...

Anonymous said...

hahaha "sea creature from atlanta."

you are crazy funny

soulwindow said...

ROFL...sorry but my favorite part was Randy Watson! I had to go to YT and favorite that!!!!!


MELISSA said...

(even the ones with chimps swinging in their family tree)LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MELISSA said...

(even the ones with chimps swinging in their family tree)LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes for the coming to america clip!!!

Anonymous said...

i don't know how you(the creator of this wonderful site) deal with people stealing your shit all the time and not giving you credit for it. i read a slightly changed version of your original blogs everywhere. and i get so mad for you. its good to know that it doesn't seem to bother you. because it sure does bother me. creative people like you should get all the credit they deserve. And I hate that others get the credit for it.

Anonymous said...

Tell em girl! Goldeneyez knows what's up!

Anonymous said...

Good News fellow stans,Beyonce single "Like A Boy" has passed B.Spears single!!!!!!!!

Kelly Rowland

Anonymous said...

Sea Creature from Atlanta...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Loves it!