My Deepest Apologies...

Last evening as I was checking emails I received an e-mail from one Miss Kennisha Hoard.

Kennisha is the proud owner and uploader of the "Mother Wisdom/Single Ladies" YouTube video which is taking the Niggranet by storm.

Miss Hoard wrote:


I am the original owner of the clip. Thanks first of all for checking out and enjoying the clip. But I have a concern and I would appreciate it if you would give the correct posting credit to whom it's due. Obviously, it's not you. I don't mind you posting it but if you can not give the clip proper credits to it's owner take it off your site please since I originally posted it on youtube.

As stated before I don't mind that you posted it but to take credit, it's not correct. I'm glad that you find it amusing as it was the plan.

Please be mindful that this is just a skit and straight comedy. She is a ficitonal character.

Thank you for your prompt attention and cooperation.


I would like to offer a public apology.

I know what it's like when people snatch things off your site without giving you proper credit, but that was not my intention.

I have a YouTube page set up for things that I upload, and I assumed that when people clicked the video and saw that it wasn't under the Beyonceitis YouTube Channel, then they would know that it was not my personal video and rather a video I post like many other videos that I have posted and that are posted by thousands of blogs a day.

But I'm aware that common sense and reading comprehension may be too much to ask for. So I apologize for any misunderstanding and miscommunication.

I did not record the Mother Wisdom video.

I have not been inside a church house in 3-4 years, but I can tell you this, if my pastor started quoting scripture from the book of Sasha Fierce or from the book of Crime Mob I would be there early, front row, with a meet and greet package.

But we can discuss religion another day.

I would like to apologize if it was implied that the video was mine. I didn't put my name on it, nor did I say that is my video, and I thought I was doing the right thing, but sometimes you mess up without realizing it. The last thing that I ever want to do is take credit for something that is not mine, and to be accused of such hurts my feelings. (Beyonce-in-Dreamgirls Sad Face)

I would also like to apologize to President Obama. The footage of Queen Creole singing at your ball is not mine, I was not my intention to take credit for it.

I did not record the video.

I did not write the song "At Last"

I did not design nor install Beyonce's hair.

I did not design the First Lady's dress (although Mama Tina did send Michelle Obama some beautiful gowns made from only the finest silk and polyester and only the most classy animal-print)

In the future if I decide to post videos I will make sure to include the owners full name, city, state, kindegarten picture, birth certificate and the church they represent.

Again, I sincerely apologize for the confusion.


Anonymous said...

You made my morning better.

Anonymous said...

Your Tags are KILLING me, as well as the last three lines, "Finest Silk and Polyester". Wow.

Anonymous said...

"I did not design nor install Beyonce's hair."

oh lordy. hahahha hilarious.

Anonymous said...

you are Crazy !!!no post about rihanna
(happy-face-of be-in-dreamgirls)

Anonymous said...

This blog is the light of my life. LOL Another wonderful post.

Kwame said...

I just felt in my SPIRIT that this blog would have been updated... ANd I was right! Disappointed that its not about Chrihanna though. *sigh*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

death a thousand times at this tag - "Did You E-mail the Other Blogs And Fuck With Them The Way You Fucked With Me??"


MJ said...

MediaTakeOut and its idiotic readers believed that shit?!

Of course they did.

Anonymous said...

good girl gone bad,got herpes be beaten said:
Tina Knowles: I know good and hell well you didn't...ummm... I have a question, it's off the record and just betwixt us girls... I've had a thing for Willie for the longest...he could get in my Dereon thong right now without a lot of conversation, persuasion, or negotiaion. Tell me, what that thang look like?

Rihanna: Umm... I don't really remember. Once you've had one dick you've had them all.

Anonymous said...

How evil can someone be?

Shame on you Beyonce! (angry face)

Millions of Rihanna's fans and peers left her messages asking if she was feeling well. Everybody EXCEPT Beyonce has reached out to Rihanna asking if she was feeling well.

Here's a list of ALL the people who called her or left her messages:

Anonymous said...

christina "fired" milian
lionel richie
terrence howard

i am back for update...whop whomp

Anonymous said...

*of course dont forget to give You credit for YOUR PAST POSTS

lildrummerboi said...

lmao. Now this that funny sh*t I be waiting on...

I am officially DEAD at all the sarcasm!

Ok, I'm back. But yeah, anyone with an ounce of common sense should be able to tell that the video was not done by u or any of the other blog sites that posted it.

Youtube videos are posted on blogs, myspace pages, facebook pages and whatever else that will allow the upload. It is usually understood that the video was one that the 3rd party poster found interesting enough to share, unless otherwise noted.

I just can't...Not today

Nice video tho.

Mother Winslow said...



I'm the shit around these parts, no email included.

MELISSA said...


Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Kayne "give me herpes" West !!


h.c said...

yeah Kanye"give me herpes" west said that he think that rihanna can be the greatest artist ever! wow! I didn't think he can get that dumb! anyway the labels are killing me! LOL!

Tootie said...

fukkin hilarity...these tags I cannot!

Anonymous said...

I love this site!

Anonymous said...

kayne must stop the Ciroc,for real !!

soulwindow said...

I guess Aretha put you up on game. You gotta be kidding me, that separate, outside link meant you didn't record, or upload, the video? Mmh! Yet pray for me.