M.J. said...

I blame Lyndell.

H.C said...

LMFAO!! You just had to post this didn't you!

I'm not ashamed to say I've got this song on my Ipod.

Jaz said...

Ciara and Skeri n'em could learn something from him.
(how to kiss a stan's ass)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i...just can't. why must i cry?

can't get enough of the blog btw :)

why i gotta be anonymous

Jenny said...


This dude's rhyme is tight though. I actually like it.

Beyonce is not the female version of jesus christ said...

Love everything with beyoncé's name ...

I tought you'll talk about LOLA oups,I mean JLO sorry Jennifer Lopez and Mariah carey's flopasy Ride.

Oh my bad,it's Ciara's album title anyways; whatcha think about MC and JLO?

Rissa: Head of Daily S.O.S. Operations said...

"Thinkin' 'bout the good times before she met Jay."
*Hottie blinks*

JanuskieZ said...

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Anonymous said...

This post is getting no kinda love

melissa said...


Anonymous said...

Your writing style is EXACTLY like the guy on D-listed! Are you that blogger? Do you hide your Bey stan card and write that stuff? ;)

Anonymous said...

Just had to show some quick love to this site. It has left me hollerin' and unable to compose myself professionally at my desk at work on numerous occasions. I have blatantly ripped off some of your (in my opinion)best one-liners and used them as my own, to the hilarity of all my friends ("Beyonce can roll a blunt and glue on a lace front wig at the same time", etc.) Humor usually suggests intelligence, and I think this is the funniest and sharpest blog around. Plus I am a (reasonably attractive) butch queen from TX who gives a holy ghost death drop and split whenever B's music hits the airwaves. Big ups to Mama Tina's Hotcomb Presses and Tresses Salon that started it all way back in H-Town (on Montrose Ave. if memory serves, the gay district of Houston). God bless this little country gal's creole heart!

Lil' Creole Pimp said...


Billy said...

lmao, love ya Bey but this song is dreadful

Beyonce is not the female version of Jesus Christ said...

Beyonceitis,Do you like Lady Gaga?

Beyonceitis said...

Beyonceitis,Do you like Lady Gaga?


I mean, she ain't no Blu Cantrell or Brooke Hogan or any legend like that but she aight I guess...if you like ACTUAL talent, and live singing and shit like that i guess she's ok...

(Kanye Shrug)

Anonymous said...

Blu Cantrell, now that's a name I haven't heard post 9/11. By the way, Beyonceitis i love your blog and your love for Queen Creole. This is hilarity at its finest

Beyonceitis said...

Anonymous said...
Blu Cantrell, now that's a name I haven't heard post 9/11. By the way, Beyonceitis i love your blog and your love for Queen Creole. This is hilarity at its finest


I appreciate that homie!

And I appreciate you stopping by even though I only post 3 times a year.

I'm trying to do better...

Anonymous said...

Your blog is amazing! My only complaint is u dont update it enough! Your beyond hilarious! And Queen beysus is the music saviour of our generation!

H.C said...


Anyway just passing by to post this:


Anonymous said...

The fuck?!

Billy said...


Anonymous said...

So when can we expect a new post?? I don't expect a new entry every week, but at least 2 or 3 times a month..Is that too much to ask?

I don't mean to seem selfish, so I hope all is well at the wigcrypt!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

So when are you going to post again? Theres tons you could talk about

Anonymous said...

Oh I guess you aint gon nevuh update huh?!

Anonymous said...

Now you got spam invading this mug....update....PLEASE!

H.C said...

I don't know why I always get scared when I see that invited readers only thing...lol!

Loving the new look! Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love the new look! Can't wait for a new post :)

C. said...

I'm diggin the new layout. But is all well wit Mama Knowles 'n 'nem at the wigcrypt? Or are you just taking a break?

Anonymous said...

So when can we expect a new post??

So when are you going to post again? Theres tons you could talk about

Oh I guess you aint gon nevuh update huh?!


The way you blowin' up this comment section won't make him post no fastuh.

Summer said...

I nearly had a heart attack when that readers only thing was coming up. The new layout looks great btw!

Anonymous said...

The way you blowin' up this comment section won't make him post no fastuh.


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Anonymous said...

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