Backstage @ the Grammys

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of getting a press pass backstage at the Grammys. I got the opportunity to speak with a lot of the biggest artists of the past year. Today I am posting excerpts from my interviews but I would first like to thank Miss Tina Knowles for inviting me to the Grammys and for styling me this year. I was wearing a zebra-print leather choker by Miss Tina. The Black Spanx Chris Brown wore on the cover on Graffiti. A red vinyl cummerbund, and plaid bow-tie, and And a She By Sheree Cheetah Print Men's Blouse with Purple Rain ruffles.

The first artist to come by my press tent was Keri Hilson. Keri is without a doubt THE breakout R&B artist of the past 12 months. Her debut album album "A Perfect World" sold hundreds of copies around the world, and she was Soul Train and BET"s New Artist of the Year. Keri garnered attention with songs such as "Knock You Down" and "Turnin Me On" but apparently she turned Grammy voters off because she went home without nann Grammy (compared to Beyonce's record-breaking 6 Grammys making a career total of 16. Hate on it.). Me and Keri talked about her bitter and embarrassing Grammy defeat and her plans for 2010.

Beyonceitis: First of all let me just say congratulations on all your Grammy losses especially Best New Artist I bet that hurt A LOT! How does feel to be yet again upstaged and embarrassed by Beyonce?

Keri: It is just so amazing. I've had a amazing year, my career is amazing, my fans are amazing.

Beyoneceitis: Do you know what 16 Grammys look like...all together...side by side...shiny and pretty with your name on it?

Keri: No.

Beyonceitis: Nor will you ever. MTV recently asked you who you prefer between Gaga and Beyonce. You said: "Of course, Lady Gaga, any time she hits the stage I have to see it," she said. "I love her, absolutely love her. She's bringing back the whole sensory overload. You're used to seeing one-dimensional shows, but she's so [multi-]dimensional, I love it. So, I would have to say her, hands down."

My question to you Miss HIlson is what gives you the right to critique or even give public opinions about the live performances of other artists when your your styling budget is $17 and your "live show" consists of a flashlight, a CD Boom Box, and your 2 gay cousins dancing behind you.

Keri: I've had a amazing year, my career is amazing, my fans are amazing.

Beyonceitis: Did you ever think that maybe if you didn't walk around with such an arrogant sense of entitlement then perhaps you'd be more successful, considering the fact that you are mediocre in every possible way and should be trying to ingratiate yourself to as many people as possible?

Keri: I've had a amazing year, my career is amazing, my fans are amazing.

Beyonceitis: What female artists would you say are the queens of the music industry right now?

Keri: Definitely Ke$ha, Brooke Hogan, Khia, Rich Girl, Elektrik Red, Cassie, Letoya Luckett, Farrah Franklin, Kim Zolciak. Heidi Montag had an amazing album...

Beyonceitis: You know what Keri, I have a proposition for you. I have 2 boxes. In one box I have $10 Million dollars of big faced hundreds. In another box is a pot of boiling bleach. You have 2 choices. You can take the box of $10 million in cash if you say one nice thing about Beyonce or drink the entire pot of boiling bleach.

EDITOR'S NOTE: At this point Keri quickly and without hesitation drank the entire pot of boiling bleach. She was rushed to the hospital. She is expected to make a full recovery however several of her upcoming stiff and awkward performances have been cancelled.

Next to visit my tent was Ciara who had a busy night. She lost her Grammy, was not invited to present or perform, and sat all the way in the back far away from cameras, but she had a very important job as it was her duty to fold up the chairs and sweep and mop the Staples Center after the awards. I spoke with her right after she had literally dropped down low and swept the floor with it.

Beyonceitis: Hi Ciara. Congratulations on another Grammy loss. Where are your Voodoo braids tonight?

Ciara: I decided to switch it up for the Grammys. This is the most important night in my career.

Beyonceitis: Ciara you have one Grammy for popping and locking in Missy Elliot's video. Where do you keep your lonely, dusty ass Grammy?

Ciara: It fell of my coffee table and broke and is now being used as an ashtray.

Beyonceitis: What was your favorite moment of the Grammys?

Ciara: Definitely Pink's performance.

Beyonceitis: Why?

Ciara: Well, I love Pink. We have a lot in common. We're both fierce and talented performers, and we're both built like 9 year old boys.

Beyonceitis: I see. You had an amazingly horrible year in 2009. How do you plan to top it in 2010?

Ciara: Well I'm working on another pushed-back abortion of an album, and I'm reading scripts for my next straight-to-burned DVD movie. But really I couldn't fail as hard as I do without help. I have an amazing team of people around me who each play a big role in my failure. First I would like to thank my A&R people who send me incredibly weak and watered down tracks. I'd like to thank my stylist who always hooks me up. My stylist knows me so well, we have such a great relationship. I don't have to give her much direction, all I have to say is "Hey can you make me look like a damn fool?" and she sends over the most tacky and horrendous looking Rihanna-rejected outfits.

Beyonceitis: You also forgot to thank your fraudulent-ass publicists sending fake and exaggerated stories to blogs.

Ciara: What are you talking about?

Beyonceitis: Like you being Givenchy's muse? Gwarl please. There's no way in Citi Trendz hell that you are anybody's muse y'all are clearly trying to copy Beyonce's relationship with Mugler. And that bullshit about you being paid $2 million to perform anywhere in front of people.

Ciara: But that was true.

Beyonceitis: Super C-Section please. If I took all the money you ever made at every show you ever did in your life it would not equal $2 million. I hang out with Kelly Rowland and Brandy on a regular so I know how much Six Flags and the Montgomery Alabama Black Gay Pride pays and it damn sure ain't $2 million.

Ciara: I really don't need this negativity I have limos to park.

Next in the tent was Britney Spears who lost Best Dance Recording to Lady Gaga, but still showed up looking conscious and aware of where she was.

Beyonceitis: Hello Miss Spears, Congratulations on your Grammy loss and for once again having Lady Gaga snatch your wig and make you look elderly and obsolete

Britney: Thank you. It's nice to be here.

Beyonceitis: Britney despite being one the biggest selling artists of all time you have only one single, solitary, crusty, rusty ass Grammy that you've probably sold for rocks. Where do you keep your Grammy?

Britney: My Grammy was taken away from me by the courts. My father now has conservatorship over my Grammy but I am allowed to have supervised visits with it every other weekend.

Beyonceitis: What was your favorite part of the Grammy show?

Britney: Well I really had fun performing and winning tonight.

Beyonceitis: You did not perform, you lost to Gaga, and that award wasn't even televised.

Britney: Oh. I was sleep for most of the show, and I'm usually asleep during my performances so I assumed that I did something tonight.

Beyonceitis: You have had an amazing career (sales-wise) despite not having a teaspoon of discernible musical talent. What do you think has kept you around for so many years?

Britney: I think it's because I started out so young and my fans have grown up with me. I would have no career without the undying support of tone deaf queens. And they have followed me from day one. When they first jacked another boy off, "Baby One More Time" was playing in the background. When they decided to come out of the closet at their junior high school talent show they did my dance routine to "Oops I DId It Again" When they took their first dick in the club bathroom "Toxic" was playing in the background. My fans have grown and evolved with me and they relate me to important events in their lives. I'm so grateful that they continue to support me and the overproduced garbage I release.

Beyonceitis: Thank you so much Britney for your time.

Britney: Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Next in the tent was Rihanna who took home 2 more Grammys last night for her work with Beyonce's husband.

Beyonceitis: Hello Rihanna.

Rihanna: Hi.

Beyonceitis: You've had another amazing Jay-Z-sponsored evening. You took home 2 more Grammys tonight bringing your career total to 3 Grammys with Jay-Z's name on them. Do you think you will ever win a solo Grammy for anything ever in your life?

Rihanna: I doubt it. I don't have much power in the industry without Jay-Z's co-signature. And my biggest successes are usually in collaboration with other artists whether it's collaborating with Jay-Z or T.I. our touring with Chris Brown or Kanye. The highest grossing shows on my last tour were for shows I did with Chris Brown.

Beyonceitis: Where do you keep your Grammys?

Rihanna: Well Beyonce takes my Grammys, scratches my name off, and puts them beside hers and now she refers to herself as "19-time Grammy Winner Beyonce". She says I wouldn't have any Grammys without her husband, and she says if I ever try to touch them she will beat my forehead down to a normal size.

Beyonceitis: You had a memorable moment when you brought Julez up to the microphone and asked if he had anyone to thank and he said "No Thanks". I found that fitting since "No Thanks" is exactly what the general public said to "Rated R".

Rihanna: OK.

Beyonceitis: I recall speaking with you not too long ago about grabbing Jay-Z without acknowledging Beyonce. Why do you go out of your way to anger Beyonce and have her chase you down the street with a hot curling iron...again.

RIahnna: Well Jay-z is like my big brother and I can't be held responsible for the assumptions of insecure stans trying to start trouble.

Beyonceitis: Fair enough. Your latest album has been a massive disappointment all over the world and you are currently on Keri Hilson status but the press doesn't want to write about it due to sympathy over you getting double back-slapped last year. What are you plans for 2010?

RIhanna: Well I'm about to go on an under-selling world tour that's not making any money, so Super Bowl weekend I'll be doing something strange for some change in order to cover the production costs. And I'll probably re-release my album several times before we can pay for those 500,000 copies of Rated R in the trunk of Jay-Z's car.

Beyonceitis: Thank you Rihanna. Enjoy your night and your last 6 months of relevance.

Taylor Swift was next. She came in with her mom and her Grammy for Album of the Year.

Beyonceitis: Hello Taylor. Congratulations on your sympathy Grammy. Jennifer Hudson won one last year, but I think this is the first sympathy Grammy for Album of Year since Yoko Ono won after John Lennon was shot. How does it feel?

Taylor: It's amazing. It's just so surprising I can't believe it. I'd like to thank Jesus, my mom, and the Easter Bunny.

Beyonceitis: Wow. Quick question. If I entered an apple pie into a contest and you entered a peach pie into the same contest, and I won Best Pie of the Year, would it make a lot of sense for me not to also win Best Fruit Pie?

Taylor: No, it wouldn't make a lot of sense. But if I won for Best Fruit Pie it would be so amazing and surprising. I wouldn't believe it. I'd probably thank Jesus, my mom, and the Tooth Fairy.

Beyonceitis: Let's say we are both nominated at the same award show. For the sake of argument let's say The Grammys. Let's say I'm nominated for 10 awards and you are nominated for 8. Now if I win the most awards and I also have the Best Song of the Year one could reason that I had the better overall album or at the very least the most consistent year in music.

Taylor: OK.

Beyonceitis: So therefore if I have more nominations than any other artist, and I win more Grammys than any other artist, and I beat you several times, and I win a Grammy for 3 separate vocal performances, one could reason that I had the better overall album or at least a better album than yours according to the same people who gave me 10 nominations and 6 awards?

Taylor: OK.

Beyonceitis: So shouldn't you give me the Grammy I deserve before my mother puts a root on your family and a ring around your damn eye.

Taylor: Well...I don't know. I guess it t would be so amazing, and I probably wouldn't be able to believe it. I think I would thank Jesus, my mom, and Ronald McDonald.

Beyonceitis: I hate you and everything your success represents.

Taylor: Wow. That's so amazing and surprising. I can't believe it. I'd like to thank Jesus, my mom, Dora the Explorer, the Wonder Pets, and the Hamburger Helper hand.

I'll have more from my backstage interviews later this week, which means this will be my last post until July 2013.


Anonymous said...

Jay wins and immediately scans for Rihanna not even locking eyes w/his wife, Bey wins and awkwardly hugs/hand shakes her husband-then thanks him (for what, who knows?), what the damn? Their lame in the marriage category.

Anonymous said...

I can't! I'm dying here reading!

Mr.TramueL said...

This is the funniest shyt I've ever read! EVER!

H.C said...

"I hate you and everything your success represents."
I wish I could tell her that to her face...

You didn't happen to see Pink backstage??

Oh and Iinsecure stan at 12:38, please exit the wigcrypt ------>

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but what does "linsecure" mean?

H.C said...

Don't get all happy about a typo now, I can't see my keyboard cause the lights in my room ain't working and my dad ain't have enough money to fix'em, some bitch I tell you...

& why are you still here??

Anonymous said...

I am not a bitch just because I'm a Beyonce fan who can recognize a shitty marriage when I see one. I'm also not a bitch because I'm a Beyonce fan who thought her performance was boring as shit last night and any Beyonce fan who's seen her dozens of ridiculous televised performances would agree that that was some bullshit for her. Also, as long as you keep addressing me I'll keep coming back at you so if you don't like what I have to say then stop talking to me :)

H.C said...

Damn tell us how you really feel naw!

Anonymous said...

@5:08 pm

Beyoncé never has a wachk performance but even if yesterday night wasnt her best was just amazing.Jay-z is moron for bringing rihanna on the stage like rihanna did back in 2008.Stupid sh*t here.............

BUT BEYONCEITIS you are just hilarious.The last sentence was WAOW.i ENJOY THE RIHANNA,TAYLOR'S PARTS THE MOST.

SEE YOU IN 2023 ...2033. :D

jason heyward said...

I think the 2010 Grammys will be remembered for performances by Beyonce and Pink, and Taylor Swift winning 4 awards including the biggest of the night.

R J Samuel said...

Your read on Taylor was dead on!!!!!!!!!! Logically it made no sense, I hope Kanye's name is etched on Taylors Grammy for ALBUM OF THE YEAR

SF Representative said...

But Fortunately there is a remedy for our Favs Flopping, Its Called ANTI-BEYONCE-ITIS (Pills). Their Wigs instantly Become UN-SNATCH-ABLE as if Miss Tina designed them herself. It instantly enables our Favs to Be Singing, Dancing, Acting, Hit Making, Award Wining, Box Office, Money Making, Indestructible Successful Couchi Popping Robots. Need a Prescription??

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SF Representative said...

oh yeah, & sometimes Death!!

(Wigrypt, If your reading please Post)

Jeanette said...

****gasping for breath******
this was the funniest and realest shit EVER. i love you more than life.

Anonymous said...

The ish you wrote about Ciara just made me lose my lunch. And the fact that a chick would rather drink bleach than even say B's name is PRICELESS.



I hate that fact that you blog when the hell you want to.....

Jaz said...

Thank you. Thank You. Thank You. You are too good of a writer to NOT be over exposed. The same way Beyonce should never sit down.

A plea to Beyonce from Brandy:

"Save some for US."

Anonymous said...

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the truthfairy said...

1. taylor's album sold waay more copies than beyonce's

2. taylor did not win a sympathy grammy! wtf!!! if anything beyonce did, since she FINALLY won a grammy in a major category after 7 years of failing to do so! lmaoooo

3. taylor WON album of the year so that means (for all you slow folk out there) that ALL of her songs were the best not just ONE song!

Anonymous said...

the truthfairy said...
1. taylor's album sold waay more copies than beyonce's

It was the Grammys not, the Billboard Awards. Commercial success does not and has not always guaranteed the Album of the Year Award. Both Usher and Mariah had the biggest selling albums of their respective years and both lost Album of the Year.


2. taylor did not win a sympathy grammy! wtf!!! if anything beyonce did, since she FINALLY won a grammy in a major category after 7 years of failing to do so! lmaoooo

What exactly has happened to Beyonce for her to get a sympathy Grammy? Taylor had a [sarcasm] big scary black man[/sarcasm] ruin her VMA moment by saying the same thing that most of the audience was thinking. Best Female Video is something you should win on the way to winning Video of the Year. And I find it odd that you would win Best Female Video of the Year but not even be nominated for Video of the Year. She is/was being used for her commercial success at the expense of more qualified and talented artists.

3. taylor WON album of the year so that means (for all you slow folk out there) that ALL of her songs were the best not just ONE song!

Once again single success does not guarantee a Grammy for Album of the Year. If that was the case then Gaga would have won because she had more worldwide #1 singles than any other nominee.

If Fearless was really as hot as it was hyped up to be I find it odd that Taylor somehow lost her other General Field nominations yet somehow won Album of the Year. If every song on the album was ashot as you said then she should have won both Song and Record of the Year and won a Pop category also.

M.J. said...

To the Taylor Swift fans:

That was a sympathy Grammy, and just like Britney's sympathy VMAs, she didn't deserve them, as there were more qualified, dignified, and deserving entertainers who should have gotten it.

and as for that Grammy performance of hers, I'd rather watch Kelly Rowland grind awkwardly on a stripper pole than to hear her sing.

Anonymous said...

the only reason beyonce won song of the year is because the academy FELT BAD FOR HER AND finally decided to throw her a bone and let her win in a MAJOR category for ONCE!

Anonymous said...

What can I say...

I thank Jesus, my mon, and the Avatar movie that a person like you exists beyonceitis


Anonymous said...

lmaoooo jennifer hudson did not win a sympathy grammy! she just didnt have any REAL competition. eric benet raphael saadiq boyz 2 men and al green did not have memorable albums. jennifer did. dont get mad at jen cuz she has an oscar and beyonce will never get one!! lmaooooooo

Anonymous said...

I don't think Taylor won a sympathy Grammy, but I do think however had it not been for GayFish, she wouldn't have received as much attention as she has within the past 4 months, regardless of how many albums she has sold within the year. Country girl better enjoy the wave while it lasts.

Ale! said...


Anonymous said...

If Fearless was really as hot as it was hyped up to be I find it odd that Taylor somehow lost her other General Field nominations yet somehow won Album of the Year. If every song on the album was ashot as you said then she should have won both Song and Record of the Year and won a Pop category also.

You say that like as if it doesn't make sense. If that's the case then it should be the same situation like Beyonce not winning the "best female" video @ the vma's but winning the "video of the year." That doesn't make sense, right? She did not win album of the year because the album was trash (I know, I'm a fan and I bought it), and her only good singles were the ones she was nominated for. She deserved Single Ladies because it was the biggest song of the year, and Halo was a wonderful song and she deserved that award, but for album of the year? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

I love you Beyonceitis.

And you know fuckin' what? You're right about Keri Hilson's smug sense of entitlement. that shit makes me wanna strangle a kitten.

Anonymous said...

Why do people feel the need to constantly repeat "I'm a fan." No you're not...and it's ok. Stating a negative opinion doesn't make you a hater, but repeatedly visiting a site to complain about Beyonce(especially since this site is only updated once every 3 months) says a lot. That means either you log on every day to bash Beyonce or you hang out on a Beyonce board and are just too much of a pussy to state your opinions there. Either way it's kinda sad.

Anonymous said...

It looks like you're right (as usual) Beyonceitis, the backlash is beginning:

Anonymous said...

8:16 are u retarded? just cuz ur a fan of beyonce doesnt mean u have to love every song/album she has made or love everything she does. thats what a STAN does. and how would u know who repeatedly visits this site?? mostly everyone is anonymous. ur just mad cuz not everybody wants to kiss beyonce's ass 24/7. i love beyonce but taylor DESERVED album of the year. if u ask the biggest beyonce STANS on earth which album is beyonce's best i gurantee a mass majority will say DANGEROUSLY IN LOVE.

Rissa: Head of Daily S.O.S. Operations said...

Taylor Swift deserves to have all her Grammys stripped from her Milli Vanilli style for screwing up "Rhiannon" the way she did. And then messed up her own song too?! She WROTE it. She KNOWS it. But she can't sing it?! *sigh* I don't understand.

I honestly attempted to listen to Taylor Swift and thought that her songs were annoying to say the least. I just couldn't hang.
If someone had to beat Beyonce or GaGa, it should have been anyone but Swift. Has the Grammy committee been overrun with Midwestern 16 year old cheerleaders or something? Or is sympathy really that powerful in today's society?

H.C said...

Hold the fuck up, did someone just say that Dangerously In Love is B's best album? LMFAO!

Grand High Honey Suckle Creole Queen said...

Is 11:43 PM, the same person who comments on EVERY Beyonceitis post things like:

"Beyonce shouldn't sing anymore Anita Baker songs".

" Sasha Fierce was garbage"

You do know Beyonceitis is NOT Beyonce...right?

And You do know there are Keri Hilson, Ciara, and Taylor Swift message boards where you can go since Beyonce just doesn't do it for you any more.

And you do know there are several million large to medium sized inflammed dicks you can go eat.

Anonymous said...

Did U see the video where Brandy talks about Beyonce winning grammys and says, "Save some for Us Bey." LOL and Brandy Stans are mad...

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is too caught up in awards which are just political acknowledgments from one group of people to another. And since there are so many awards and categories within individual award shows, there's enough to go 'round.

Jae said...

This is so hilarious, I love it, haha.

Anonymous said...

smh at "grand high honey suckle queen" u sound like an immature brat.... so u must be solange lol

VIDA said...


Gemini said...

dont feed the trolls people, let them dry up and shrivel away

jennifer said...

You light up my life, Beyonceitis. You really do. You are my strength, and how I carry on.

Now lets all bow down to Ms Beyonce and her damn STACK of Grammys that she can bust any hater in the mouth with.
Take that Rhianna fans, take that Britney fans, take that Keyshia Cole fans, take that Alicia Keyes fans, take that to any fan of some struggling ass R&B singer who wishes they were Beyonce!!...... Now Beyonce please dont pull a Lauryn Hill and win a retarded amount of Grammys and then be hypnotized by some island dick and start looking like a $3 crackhead. Please dont.

miss nora said...

all those grammys and still NO diamond album (shrugs shoulders)

Tay said...

That last sentence is the realest, most funniest shit I ever read in my life.

Gemini said...

miss nora said...
all those grammys and still NO diamond album (shrugs shoulders)


"I am...Legendary Fierce" is Platinum in Brazil!! now scoot ho!!

Anonymous said...

seriously this board is updated like ery 8 months on somethin, do these *people* sit around and check on it ery day ( Like I admittedly did lol ) to wait for a new post to make snide comments about Bey? *curious*

Anonymous said...

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thepopwhore said...

In my opinion- all we are seeing is what happens when black people start to achieve too much- institutionalised racism kicks in.
I didn't hear Chelsea Handler mention the fact that Beyonce' broke her own record with 6 grammy wins when she along with a few others held the record for winning 5 and nobody cared about Taylor Swift until SOMEBODY opened up their fat mouth.
And to SF representative- dont think I dont know that you BIT my Fem-Bot concept to create yours, what are you? Christina Milian?

Anonymous said...

i love it, post more often!

I'd like to thank Jesus, my Mom, and Harry Potter and Bugs Bunny.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you very much for the Britney Spears comment, that shit is uncalled for.

Soulwriter said...

I just herniated---D@@@YUM, LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS SITE!!!

Anonymous said...

Its Time to go in on Chelsey Lately the bitch is poppn off at the mouth..She is a Dead Bitch Walking

Anonymous said...

the person talking about diamond albums...plz take a seat somewhere coz clearly your chatting hot crusty this day and age of downloads how the hell is anyone supposed to get a diamond album please get a good grip if not buy one

Anonymous said...

the person talking about diamond albums...plz take a seat somewhere coz clearly your chatting hot crusty this day and age of downloads how the hell is anyone supposed to get a diamond album please get a good grip if not buy one

Anonymous said...

oh and btw im an amy winehouse stan but jus had to peep in with some common sense, bitch did good get over it folks

Beyoncé's Wig said...

The person who made the the comment about Beyoncé having no diamond albums must not realize that DIL has sold over 10 million(the amount needed to go diamond)albums.

Anonymous said...

DIL has sold over 10 million

^^^^^^^^source please????

Anonymous said...

You light up my life! This entry (like all others) has me on the floor.

Anonymous said...

well shit, diamond ain't not easy feat, especially these days fuck, maybe outkast can do it if they decide to work together again but that for sure isn't a measure of Bey's success. who said what about Britney??

Anonymous said...

oh and chelsea handler is prejudiced anyway. that's why i don't fuck w/her old ass.

Anonymous said...

In order for an album to be certified diamond, it has to sell 10 million in the UNITED STATES. 12 million worldwide ain't shit unless you poppin in the States. DIL only sold about 4 million here in America.

...that is all.

Whitney "The Bodyguard Soundtrack is still Shittin' on your Favorite Artist's Sales 20 years after the Fact" Houston

Co-signed by
Britney "I Could Release a Single of Me Changing my Tampon and it would Still Be #1 on Billboard" Spears

Anonymous said...

Brim over I agree but I contemplate the collection should have more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

I think that Circus is a really good album and it sucks that the Grammies ignored Brit.

Jaz said...

^^Are they bragging about the fact that Britney's music is as bad someone changing their tampon? Wow...

If you came here to talk shit about Beyonce because you think someone else is better, look for your favorite artist's name below. If its not listed, please STFU.



Anonymous said...

In my opinion- all we are seeing is what happens when black people start to achieve too much

amen. they try to use excuses and distractions too.

caligirl714 said...

"...before my mother puts a root on your family and a ring around your damn eye." I spit on my computer! LOVE this!!!

Anonymous said...

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Andre said...

i swear i think beyonce is just aiight, but ur blog absolutely kills me! i literally laugh out LOUD every time i read it, keep up the amazing work!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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H.C said...

I'm starting to think that you're serious about the July 2013 thing...

M.J. said...

*walks through*

*nosily sifts through unpaid bills and death threats from Ashanti*

*walks out*

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Beyonce is not the female version of Jesus christ said...

Could beyonce eat a pussy (or a dick)in a wagon and Beyonceitis dont give a fuck?

Post something,you know you're "just like Poison" Honey Bey-itis.


Melissa said...

may we have a new post please!?

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Anonymous said...

I doubt you're reading this, but what are your thoughts on the Beyonce & Illuminati stuff admit?

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I doubt you're reading this, but what are your thoughts on the Beyonce & Illuminati stuff admit?

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Gemini said...

At this point I think Lauryn Hill will drop her new album before you post again

TruthBeTold said...

I think you made a type gir...

it reads:
Beyoneceitis: Do you know what 16 Grammys look like...all together...side by side...shiny and pretty with your name on it?

Beyoneceitis: Do you know HOW much 16 Grammys cost mother fucker? to put them all along side by side and shiny ? You know how much that shit cost?

LMAO ay you dumb stans!

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Anonymous said...

maybe your waiting on ciara to release a album before you post again... I know i know you keep getting "push backed"

fuck my life

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geez havent laughed this hard in ages, defo bookmarked, i love bey so this is all icing on the cake

Julia From TGR said...

omg , so long

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